Three in One Portable Floodlight USB Charger +Dimmable +SOS

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Product Description:

1. Patent Design--Independent development and design of emergency lighting, emergency charging high efficient driving circuit; Independent patent design of appearance.

2. High Light Efficiency--Adopting highlighting light source SMD3030, lighting effect can be 130lm/w. Under the same condition, the brightness of LED light source can be compared with 40W incandescent light bulb. Large range of illuminating, high brightness.

3. Smart Charging--Intelligently detecting circuit design, suitable for all kinds of brand mobile phone (including Iphone series), Ipad etc digital equipment, and all 5V power supply unit with USB output interface.

4. Emergency lighting--With three levels dimming, strong lighting, weak lighting, faintness lighting, and also with function of red SOS signal.

5. Ultra-long Life Battery--Using LED lighting resource, with high brightness but low power consumption, emergency lighting time can be more than 30 hours.

6. Safety Performance--Using high quality and large capacity 18650 lithium battery, can be effective charging more than 1000 times. And it is with over-current protect, over-charge protect, over-discharge protect, over-voltage protect etc. multiple protection circuit.

7. Waterproof Design--IP65, can effectively protect it from daily dust, water splashing, and raining. To keep its regular work.

8. Battery Indicator--4 gears of the capacity indicator light, can monitor the power status at any time.

9. Convenient Performance--Using aluminum alloy material, can be resistant to fall and impact. The stand is with folding design, easy to carry.

Application :

Daily use , Home lamp ,Outdoor travel , Camping lighting , Night fishing , Emergency SOS , Digital charging , etc. 

Charging Description: 

Using international standard USB 2.0 interface,the product can support  (voltage /current) DC5V / 2A for fast charging . Only 4 hours can be filled in the

case of the end of the electricity .It also compatible with the adapters with or below DC5V / 2A current on the market.  This product has four power

indicator, respectively, said 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% power . When charging, the indicator will flash. While the battery is full, the indicator light will be on.


Technical Specification :


Luminous Flux


Dimming mode




Battery Capacity

Net Weight










Working Hours :

3.7 V/4400mA   100% bright for 3hrs 50% bright for 6hrs 20% bright for 15hrs .

3.7 V/8800mA   100% bright for 6hrs 50% bright for 12hrs20% bright for 3hrs.